The Pacuare Nature Reserve is the ideal place for teachers to bring students. You will not only explore aspects of Biology and Geography such as erosion, sustainability and forestry but also you will live and learn about  Costa Rican culture first hand.

Environmental Education has always been a high priority for the Reserve and from March onwards we welcome school groups, from the US, Europe and within Costa Rica, in both the South and North stations. Over one thousand students come to the Reserve each year.
As a working reserve, from the moment you arrive you will be part of the team. Our Biologists and Researchers will update you as to what has been happening on the Reserve. Your group will be able to follow closely their work, learning from their experiences..





During the turtle season, starting in March, you will be part of escorted night  beach patrols at night to and will see the wonder of a giant Leatherback going through the whole nesting process. To watch a Leatherback heaving herself up the beach to dig her nest before dropping her eggs is a life changing experience. Later in the season you will be able to monitor the hatchlings breaking out of their nest and scampering to the sea.

To be surrounded by nature for the first time is a unique experience. Being woken by howler monkeys at 4.00am, spotting a sloth on your way to lunch and following the trails of the leaf-cutter ants are all part of the day.
Biologists and our naturalist guides are on hand to show you the magic of the forest, tell you how a walking palm walks or why a tiny frog carries a tadpole up a tree.

Often, visiting student groups join visiting local groups and they learn together,.  At the same time learning about each other. At the end of the afternoon everybody sits together to share impressions.  It is an excellent way of appreciating another culture.

A separate building provides a spacious classroom for visiting students. Some groups combine learning Spanish with studying nature and we provide a Spanish teacher for them. The Reserve is a perfect venue for this type of experience.