YOU can help! We depend on public support to protect and preserve Pacuare.

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As Pacuare’s new steward, EPI needs your help to ensure the thousands of species of flora and fauna that call Pacuare home remain protected. We think it’s worth protecting. Do you?

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To Our UK Supporters:

The Endangered Wildlife Trust remains a UK-based organization that supports Pacuare. If you live in the UK and would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help us continue to preserve and protect Pacuare, please click the Virgin or Donate buttons below. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque made out to: The Endangered Wildlife Trust and post to 16 Brook Green, London W6 7BL, UK.

Other Ways You Can Help

Adopt a Research Project

Our researchers carry out amazing and profoundly important work at Pacuare. One current project is a study by Laura Torrijos of fungal pathogens and their effect on leatherback nests and freshwater frogs. Donate $40 and make a HUGE difference in projects that help our conservation efforts. Even better? Sign up for regular monthly donations, which sustain Pacuare research into the future. Donate today!

Help a Child Plant a Tree

Your donation helps local students, families, and friends of the Reserve plant native trees at Pacuare. Donate today!


Protect the Leatherback

Adopt a leatherback, and we’ll let you know when she returns to the beach and tell you how many hatchlings she laid. Donate today!

Support Environmental Education

Support local Costa Rican students as they join us at the Reserve and learn about the importance of this incredible place so near to their own homes. Donate today!




If you can help fulfill our wish list needs, please contact us at

  • Train a local youth to become a Pacuare Field Assistant ( £650/ $1000)
  • Field Assistant’s beach pack ( £100 / $150 )
  • A radio for beach communication ( £250 / $375 )
( we need four in operation and they only last a year) ( £850 / $1300 )
  • One 25HP outboard engine( £2250 / $3500 )
  • Pay a beach guard for a month ( £700 / $750 )