Our Reserve is a working Reserve and our projects need your support and enthusiasm! We need volunteers to help protect the beach, run with our recycling and grow our reforestation programme. We are open and welcoming to volunteers from any walk of life, with any range of enthusiasm and experience. The volunteer program may be particularly useful for those who are thinking of a profession in conservation or ecology.

Key Facts:

 Volunteering is not a vacation, it is a reciprocal arrangement between the volunteer and the reserve. We want all our volunteers to have a wonderful time, and one of the best ways to ensure this is to make sure they understand their role at the reserve.

– You will be required to work for 5 hours per day, which is timetabled, with slots of free time and optional activities

You must be prepared for a simple life during your time at the reserve. Wifi is very limited, accommodation is basic, and you may be moved around during your stay between the North and South stations at the reserve (which are about 30 minutes from each other) according to which area needs most assistance. You will share a Cabana with one other person.

Volunteering with your children can be hugely rewarding but you must be sure that they are old enough to do the five hours of work. Some of our most enthusiastic volunteers are under 18.

Please download and read Practical info for volunteers at Pacuare Nature Reserve before you make your booking. This is essential. We are very keen to welcome you at the reserve for an experience that is mutually enriching, but it is your responsibility to check you know what kind of experience this is, and that you are ready to give it your all!

You will receive a brief introduction to the work on the beach and join the night patrols. After some days of beach patrolling, accompanying a biologist/field assistant you will be able to monitor the nesting Leatherback turtle, recording nest location, dimensions and other useful data.You might walk up to 6km and the patrol will take up to 4 hours depending on the number of turtles. It sounds a lot but you will be so excited and inspired when you see these amazing creatures nesting that you will forget the kilometres you have walked. From May onwards you will help to monitor the hatchlings. You will count them as they come out of the nest and run to the sea and you might dig out the nest for stragglers. Out of 1,000 hatchlings only one will return to nest! You will also do recycling, maintenance, composting, reforestation and assisting researchers and field assistants with environmental education.


During the day there is a lot of work to be done in reforestation, recycling and in  helping field assistants in their visits to Primary schools.  Some employees in the Reserve are very interested in learning English and volunteers can give conversation classes. Volunteers are also important in our Environmental Education program. You will accompany the biologist and field assistants on local school visits and be involved with the children when they come to the Reserve to learn about the turtles and the forest. You’ll love it. We need you!

North Station

estacion norte

South Station


Shower Block






We have week long spaces for six active volunteers. Volunteers are collected at the Alcantarilla at midday on Tuesdays and Fridays.

For $40 a day you will see turtles, crocs, monkeys, and many other amazing animals. You will enjoy delicious local food and be given a comfortable cabana to sleep in. The cabanas accommodate two per room. There are shower and flush toilet modules. Add US $20 for collection to and from to the collection point on the Tortuguero canal.

For more detailed information, schedules and instructions, please download our Practical Information for Volunteers.