Night time beach patrols

After a delicious supper in Baulas, our dining room by the beach, you will join the night patrols. One of our biologists will give you a brief induction and answer any questions you might have. The patrols vary between 3 to 6 people depending on the time of the year. It is very exciting, could be dark or a full moon. Not to worry, your eyes get used to it quickly.

You might want to do the whole patrol which takes around 4 hours or join us when a turtle has been spotted. Quietly we wait for her to start digging. It is an amazing experience to witness the nesting process. For many it is the highlight of their trip to Costa Rica.


Walk to the Inner Lagoon

Opportunity to see fascinating birds and reptiles. The monkeys will herald your arrival – – howlers, white-faced and spider monkeys. Important to go slowly so you can spot the tiny blue jean frogs. Once at the lagoon you will be able to go behind the hide to see the Agami herons nesting.

Escorted night-time forest walks

Insects and reptiles that you can’t see by day. Now is the chance to see those amazing frogs you have seen on the postcards. And listen to the silence in the forest.
Children love using their torches to spot cayman’s red eyes in the lagoons.



Take a boat ride

A boat ride along the Tortuguero canal is an opportunity to see aquatic birds, freshwater turtles, and to spot caimans and crocodiles. The canal is the area’s motorway so you may meet the locals fishing or taking their children to school, and wave at other tourists on their way up or down the canal.

The north station

When you visit the north station you can come by boat along the Tortuguero canal, by bicycle or walking. and return along the beach.
The North is quieter, smaller. Pedro will receive you with a delicious coconut and Johana will offer you coffee or a delicious meal. Don’t miss the short trail through the primary forest which is the best place to see the little poison-dart frogs. Don’t be surprised if you see a deer on the main trail or possibly a peccary. Keep an eye out for the big green iguanas.

estacion norte