Make a positive environmental impact at your conservation internship!

Imagine waking up in the magic rainforest of Costa Rica to the sounds of exotic birds and wildlife. Imagine that the gorgeous backdrop of Pacuare Reserve, a 1,200 acre property with 3 miles of sea turtles nesting beach, is your office for the next couple of weeks and the vast unknown is yours to explore. Our Internship puts the adventure back into work experience!

Located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Pacuare Reserve is a rainforest. By participating in our conservation & research internship, you will be able to give back to the fragile ecosystem while at the same time adding valuable, practical work experience to your CV and getting your career on the right track.

The internship will give you valuable insight into understanding this delicate and important ecosystem. From population studies on endangered species such as the jaguar, agami heron, howler monkey, and bats, to research skills such as camera trapping and data processing.

Live in the lush rainforest and gain valuable work experience at Pacuare Reserve, Costa Rica.


We offer hands-on internships in conservation, research, organic farming, and primatology.

This internship focuses on:

• Conservation strategies and methods
• Day and night census to spot nesting Agami herons (Agamia agami) and other species.
• Collect important data about the mating and nesting activities.
• Day census using wildlife trail cameras to monitor jaguars and other big cats and their prey.
• Day census to monitor behaviors of the 3 species of monkeys (howler monkey, spider monkey, white-faced capuchin) in the Reserve
• Coordinate volunteer groups working at the organic farm and garden

After a successful internship, qualifying candidates may be given the opportunity to work for us or selected partner organizations in Costa Rica.

Our internship in Costa Rica allows you to put what you have learned in the university to the test in an area of outstanding natural beauty. You will contribute to a professional conservation project devoted to developing and preserving inland and marine ecosystems and organic agriculture. The internship can also help you academically and professionally by giving you an opportunity to do your own research project and write about it in a journal or even your thesis.

This program is

open year-round,

you can apply

at any time!

The minimum time to participate in the internship program and the research (thesis student) program is 5 weeks, and the maximum time depends on each person.

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