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How to get involved?

The Pacuare Reserve in Costa Rica is rich and varied, with more than 2500 of flora and fauna species that have found refuge here. Our coasts welcome nesting spots for the largest marine turtles in the world, the Leatherback turtles.  Nearly 1700 acres of forest are home to rare animals such as jaguars and the beautiful Agami heron. Water coursing through canals is the source of life and food for a large number of species, and this natural laboratory has become an open classroom for thousands of students who come to learn about science and actively participate with researchers in ongoing conservation and research projects.

We want to keep this Reserve alive and vibrant forever - the world and future generations need it!  Will you help make this possible?

Through your financial contributions, you will be supporting the conservation, research and educational activities carried out here at Pacuare Reserve. Learn how you can contribute to our work.

Tortuguitas Baula 8 - Photo Credit. Juan José Pucci.jpg

Photo: Juan José Pucci

There are many ways that an individual or company can get involved in the protection of the Pacuare Reserve.  Your help is vital in making this marvelous and unique place self-sustaining. We need the involvement and support of individuals and organizations as we work together to achieve these goals: conservation, research, and education.

Financial contributions, volunteer service and visits to our Reserve to learn about our work, are some of the ways that allow us to move forward with the conservation of this precious place, and to educate youth in ecological sustainability as future leaders in Costa Rica.


Photo: Batsú Estudio

Imagine a place hidden in a dense jungle forest along the Caribbean Sea, a quasi-island surrounded by the ocean and canals. You can only get there by boat. A place with no electricity and where howler monkeys, egrets, herons and kingfishers herald your arrival. No crowds, no traffic, no luxury... All left behind for the unique chance to experience raw nature, to be a part of something great, to observe, to learn and maybe teach some.

When you buy our products you are directly collaborating with our education and conservation projects, and at the same time you take a valuable memory of the reserve that you can continue using everywhere.

Photo: Batsú Estudio

There are many ways to get involved in the protection of these 688.6 hectares of uniquely diverse forest and the 6 kms of sea turtle nesting beach. From financial support, to volunteering, to just visiting and learning about our work every single contribution is an important step towards the future conservation of the site and the education of future generations of conservation leaders in Costa Rica

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