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The Reserve

Photo: Batsú Estudio

- Leatherback turtle nesting beach -
- Marine Turtle conservation program -
 - Protected habitat for over 2,500 species -
 - Agami Heron nesting site -

Pacuare's coastline is hugged by dense rainforest. What was once logged for timber or grazed by cattle is now a protected home for a wide variety of wildlife – more than 32 species of mammal, including jaguar, ocelot, three species of monkeys, and many reptiles call Pacuare home.


With beach, forest, canals and freshwater habitats, Pacuare is also home to a wide variety of birds – we currently have 252 species listed! The rare and beautiful Agami heron nests in a small lagoon within the Reserve. It is the only nesting site in Costa Rica and one of only a few accessible nesting sites in the world.


Our main trail (also a bicycle path), runs the length of the Reserve through the forest behind the beach. Other shorter trails lead to areas of special interest, making observation of our incredible array of flora and fauna easy and enjoyable.

Pacuare Reserve does not have electricity, but there is limited solar power in certain public areas. For safety reasons it is not permitted to swim in the sea, the lagoon or the canals.

Where are we?

Pacuare Reserve is located between Tortuguero and Limón, on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The Reserve is surrounded by canals and the sea, and is only accessible by small boat.

A - Where are we
How to get to Pacuare Reserve:

By car: 

Take highway 32 towards Bataan to our designated parking area in town. We will send you waze directions upon confirmation of your reservation. We will arrange for transportation from Bataan to the dock where the Reserve's boat will pick you up. There is not a parking area close to the dock.


By bus:

Take the bus leaving  San Jose at 9am to Matina from the "Gran Terminal del Caribe".  Buses to Matina also leave from Limón. Once in Matina, we will arrange for transportation from the bus station to the dock.


IMPORTANT:  All visitors must contact us by email or phone as soon as possible after making the reservation in order to coordinate the logistics of their transportation to the Reserve.






Office: 4000-1557

Cell phone reservations: 506-8909 9122

Our Facilities

Pacuare Reserve has two stations located at the southern and northern boundaries of the property: the South and the North station. All research and investigation activities are coordinated from either station.  They are 5.7 km apart and are connected by the main hiking trail.

Photo: Batsú Estudio

South Station

The South Station is the main entrance to Pacuare Reserve and the heart of our operations. We can accommodate over 50 visitors between Casa Grande Eco Lodge and "El Pueblito":  the area where are cabins are located. The South Station has a dining room, laboratory, and meeting areas and here, we also offer limited access to the internet. If you are teaching a course or running a workshop this might be the station to of choice. The South Station is accessible by boat and the ride from the dock in Matina takes 20 minutes.