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Your safety is our top priority

The safety of our visitors and staff has always been our top priority. However, as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Reserve has reinforced its protocols, adhering to sanitary and social distancing guidelines with the goal to enhance the safety and experience of each visitor. We guarantee compliance with the hygiene and cleaning measures established by the health department by implementing the "Sanitary Protocol", proactively ensuring adequate sanitation of rooms, public areas, transportation and food services.


The established protocols reaffirm our commitment to offer our visitors a safe place to live a unique nature experience in the midst of a lush natural environment, where they can be part of the research and conservation projects taking place at Pacuare Reserve.

Here you can see the specific and rigorous measures contained in the "Health Protocol" to ensure the best possible experience while mitigating potential risks.   

Health protocol for Visitor care during the COVID 19 crisis

For our visitors:

  • Greetings without physical contact to ensure physical distancing

  • Disinfection stations with gel in alcohol have been installed in common areas.

  • Sinks with soap for handwashing are available in strategic areas.

  • All visitors must complete the “Covid-19 Questionnaire” before entering the Reserve, disclosing a report of their health status.

For our Staff and Collaborators:

  • All staff members and other collaborators receive continuous reports and updates of the health protocol and sanitary measures.

  • All collaborators and guests must maintain a distance of 6 feet (1.8 meters). When not possible, protective equipment will be required.

  • We will be carefully monitoring any symptoms related to COVID-19 on a daily basis. If there is the slightest suspicion of infection, he / she will be sent to undergo the tests and the health protocol will be applied.

  • In case of doubt about possible COVID-19 symptoms, all Reserve personnel, visitors or third parties must report these to the Reserve’s administration.

Public Areas:

  • The use of cleaning products and specific protocols to clean and disinfect public areas will focus on high contact and high traffic areas, such as door handles, public toilets, tables, etc.

  • Common and shared spaces such as the dining hall and laboratory have restrictions with regards to the máximum number of people and the time that can be spent in those places.  Usage of these areas will be limited to small groups, respecting the criteria of the “social bubbles” and social distancing at all times. 

Guest Rooms:

  • A strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol is in place to adequately clean and disinfect guest rooms and cabins prior to and after visitor’s stays.

Work Areas:

  • In all work areas, we have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high contact areas, including bathrooms and offices.

  • All staff members can wash and disinfect hands, products,  materials/tools and protective equipment prior to performing tasks at their assigned work area.


  • Only members of the same social/family unit may travel in the same vehicle at the same time.

  •  The vehicles that are coordinated by Pacuare Reserve to transport visitors will be disinfected before and after such transportation. The drivers will use protective equipment.

  • Gel hand sanitizer will be made available to visitors during transportation.

  • We will enforce compliance of cleaning and disinfecting protocols for ground and water transportation provided by third parties.

  • The boat captain will use protective equipment while transporting visitors.

  • The Reserve’s boats will be disinfected prior to and after transporting visitors.

  • Boat transportation is provided with limited capacity of passengers to ensure social distancing among different social/family units.

  • Life Jackets used during boat transportation will be duly disinfected.

Dining Hall

  • Safe handling of all food and groceries

  • Kitchen Staff will use protective equipment.

  • Dining tables will be spaced out to ensure the possibility of social distancing.

  • To ensure social distancing between different family or social units, the number of visitors eating together at any one time and dining shifts will be limited.

  • Disinfection of dishes is now included in the dish washing process.

  • Gel hand sanitizers and hand towels are available before, during and after entering the dining area.

Activities and other services:

  • Before each activity, visitors will receive  information and training if appropriate regarding safety and health measures related to the activity.

  • All tours and activities will be offered in a manner that ensures social distancing among different social or family units.

  • For activities with small groups, a safe distance will be maintained at all times between the visitors and staff members.

  • Any equipment used during activities will be disinfected before and after its use.

  • Third party providers must adhere to the safety and health protocol established by Pacuare Reserve.

  • Disinfection of high contact areas and the use of protective equipment such as face masks will be implemented for any additional services provided.


The safety and health protocol will be monitored, revised and updated to reflect changes of the crisis situation and to ensure the safest best possible experience for visitors.

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