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Make a positive impact by interning with us!

Imagine waking up in the magical Costa Rican rainforest to the sounds of the Congo monkeys. Imagine that the beautiful backdrop of the Pacuare Reserve, a 1700-acre property with 4 miles of sea turtle nesting beach, is your office for the next few weeks. Located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the Pacuare Reserve is located in the middle of the tropical jungle. By participating in our conservation, research, and environmental education internship, you'll be able to give back to the fragile ecosystem while adding valuable hands-on work experience to your resume.

The internship will provide you with valuable insight to understand this delicate and important ecosystem. From population studies on endangered species such as the jaguar, the Agami heron, and the howler monkey, to trap camera investigation and data processing skills, you will participate in a wide range of activities.

The internship is strongly focused on the development of professional skills and their application to conservation and environmental education. Our goal is to provide the skills to be able to monitor a wide range of ecosystems. This opportunity can also help you academically and professionally by providing research material for your college thesis.

Live in the lush rainforest and gain valuable work experience at Pacuare Reserve, Costa Rica.


Our internship in Costa Rica allows you to put what you have learned in college to the test in an area of ​​extraordinary natural beauty!

This internship focuses on:

• Protecting and investigating nesting populations of sea turtles (March to October).

• Egg nursery and hatchling management (May to October)

• Monitoring the nesting colony of Agami herons (Agamia agami), collecting important data on nesting activities and caring for young herons (April to August).

• Monitoring of felines and their prey (all year round).

• Investigating the behaviors of the 3 local species of monkey (howler, spider, and white-faced capuchin). This program runs throughout the year.

• Taking biodiversity inventories of the main animal groups (all year).

• Creating educational material for the Environmental Education Program based on monitoring data, and involving Reserve visitors in research and conservation activities (all year).

The expectations of the intern are as follows:

  • You will choose the focus of your internship from the programs listed above.

  • During the internship period, the intern will work fully on research programs, with a focus on environmental education.

  • The intern must actively integrate the groups of students and visitors who want to learn about the project they lead.

  • Within two weeks of arriving at the Reserve, the intern can propose a personal addition to improve research programs. This proposal must be reviewed and approved by the Research and Conservation Coordinator.

  • A report must be submitted at the end of the internship.

  • Careers related to: Biology, Environmental Sciences, Environment, Natural Resources Management and/or Environmental Education and others.

  • Travel insurance

  • Minimum stay of five weeks.

  • Knowledge of basic Spanish is ideal.

  • Complete the necessary documents.

  • Bed in a shared cabin with outside bathroom unit.

  • Boat transport

  • Meals

  • Mentorship on your project.

  • Database access

  • Participation certificate

  • Additional costs depending on length of stay.


Costs Include:

This program is

open year-round,

you can apply

at any time!

The minimum time to participate in the internship program and the research (thesis student) program is 5 weeks, and the maximum time depends on each person.

For more information about the internship opportunities at Pacuare Reserve, please contact: or fill out the following form:

If you're interested, contact us here

Thank you for your interest!

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