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We are a working reserve in Matina, Limon, Costa Rica, established in 1989 with almost 2000 acres of tropical forest. Pacuare Reserve's 6Kms of coastline are one of the most important nesting sites for endangered leatherback sea turtles in the country.
From March to July, every visitor is invited to join us during the turtle census and witness at close range the nesting process - an unforgettable experience for all. From June to September, thousands of baby leatherback turtles hatch - another great spectacle of nature to behold. Pacuare Reserve and the surrounding canals are rich in wildlife. The Reserve has 3 species of monkeys, 252 species of birds, and rarer species such as jaguar and ocelot.
Pacuare Reserve is under the stewardship of Ecology Project International and is a nonprofit organization. All proceeds go straight back to the Reserve. With your visit, you directly support our work on behalf of the turtles and all the other species that have found refuge at Pacuare Reserve.

Photo: Álvaro Cubero




sea turtle nests protected

since 1990


Agami heron chicks monitored since 2004

Imagine a place hidden in a dense jungle forest along the Caribbean Sea, a quasi-island surrounded by the ocean and canals. You can only get there by boat. A place with no electricity and where howler monkeys, egrets, herons and kingfishers herald your arrival. No crowds, no traffic, no luxury... All left behind for the unique chance to experience raw nature, to be a part of something great, to observe, to learn and maybe teach some.

Photo: Batsú Estudio

At Pacuare Reserve we operate a number of long term monitoring projects, as well as provide facilities and support for researchers and students conducting independent research. Pacuare Reserve has a north and a south station, from which the scientific and investigation activities are coordinated.

Since 2000, EPI has connected students and teachers with incredible field sites around the world. Whether you travel on your own or with a school group, your EPI course will immerse you in hands-on science.


We can offer you our off the shelf courses including a stay at Pacure Reserve or our faculty team can work with you to develop a tailor-made program and itinerary to suit your needs. We take care of all in-country logistics for you.

Photo: Batsú Estudio

There are many ways to get involved in the protection of these 800 hectares of uniquely diverse forest and the 6 kms of sea turtle nesting beach. From financial support, to volunteering, to just visiting and learning about our work every single contribution is an important step towards the future conservation of the site and the education of future generations of conservation leaders in Costa Rica

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