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All-inclusive Packages

Discover the untouched beauty of Pacuare Reserve, a conservation, research, and education site nestled in the heart of Costa Rica's Northern Caribbean. Our secluded sanctuary spans 688.6 hectares, encompassing pristine wetlands, tropical forests teeming with biodiversity, and a stunning 6 kilometer stretch of beach.

When you choose to stay at The Reserve, you're embarking on a journey of discovery and adventure. Our all-inclusive packages allow you to simply relax and enjoy the wonders that await you. 

Featured package:

Photo credit Juan José Pucci


Experience the Caribbean
Explore Costa Rica river canals and tropical forest

$145/person (2-9 people)
$122/person (+10 people)

Pacuare Reserve by Marco Ávalos_ED.jpg

Photo credit Marco Avalos

Experience the Caribbean:
Explore Costa Rica river canals
& tropical forest

The 2-day, 1 night package includes a boat tour through the canals where you will immersed in an evergreen landscape and vast ecosystem that houses a great wealth of flora and fauna. Back in The Reserve, you will learn about the different wildlife monitoring programs, and have the opportunity to observe the birth of sea turtles in the nest relocation nursery and their release into the sea. You will also walk the tropical forest trails to observe and learn about The Reserve's diverse wildlife, including a wide variety of reptiles, birds, primates, and arthropods.

The 2-day package includes:

 Lodging for one night (if you would like to stay more than 2 nights, please contact us

    to design a package adapted to you for a longer stay)
Boat transportation from dock to Pacuare Reserve and vice cersa

 One breakfast, two lunches, and 1 dinner; all cuisine prepared by locals
Introduction to The Reserve and its programs
Boat tour through the canals
Hiking on the trail
Exhumations of nests and/or release of baby sea turtles*
Safe parking


This package is available from August until February. It will be automatically applied when you book a one night stay.

Included Tours:



Boat tour through the canals

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind boat tour through lush canals, immersing yourself in a landscape teeming with diverse flora and fauna. Observe a wide array of wildlife, from vibrant birds to caimans, crocodiles, turtles, monkeys, sloths, and more, in this captivating ecosystem.

Day time hike in the rainforest trails

Walk through the lush, tropical forest trails and learn about native flora and fauna. Species that can be found are amphibians such as frogs, reptiles (lizards, iguanas, basilisks), and an abundance of bird species. Among the mammals that can be seen are sloths and several species of primates (capuchin, spider, and howler).

Sea turtle hatchery and release*

Pacuare Reserve is one of the most important sea turtle nesting beaches in Costa Rica's Caribbean. The Reserve's sea turtle conservation work and research has resulted in success spanning more than three decades. As a guest of Pacuare Reserve, you'll have the opportunity to observe the birth of sea turtles in the nest relocation nursery and their release into the sea. This is a truly magical experience that few get to witness!


● Activities subject to availability and weather conditions.
● The nest exhumation and turtle release activity is offered from June to October and        is subject to births occurring on the day of the visit.


Pacuare Reserve is first and foremost a safe haven and conservation research site for thousands of animal and plant species, including the vulnerable status leatherback sea turtle and the elusive agami heron. As such, the site’s campus and accommodations are simple, rustic, and powered entirely by solar energy to best preserve the area.


The benefit for you? With no electricity, crowds, or distractions, you’ll experience the incredible wildlife, landscape, and people of this magical place without interruption. The Reserve is located in a remote area and its sustainable operation works based on green energy sources and special communication alternatives:

  • There is only solar energy, we depend on the environmental conditions to provide this service. Bringing a flashlight is very important for your visit.

  • We offer Wi-Fi in certain areas, but there is no cell phone service and due to the remote conditions of The Reserve, this service may fail.

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