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Skip the crowds, embrace
the wild.

"A magical place lost in the middle of the jungle. An extraordinary experience."

- Guest of Pacuare Reserve

Imagine a place hidden in the dense tropical forest along Costa Rica's Caribbean Sea, surrounded by ocean and canals, only accessible by boat. An off-the-grid oasis with no electricity, crowds, or distractions, allowing you to experience the incredible wildlife, landscape, and people of a magical place without interruption. This is the Pacuare Reserve experience.

Photo: Batsú Estudio

The Experience
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Reconnect to nature and community.

All inclusive adventures.


Wetlands expedition

Spot wildlife from the water as you snake through jungle-banked canals. A guest favorite!

Daily guided jungle walks 

Pacuare Reserve is a sanctuary for an abundance of wildlife. Stroll the trails with knowledgeable experts.

Community immersion

Join a thriving community of global researchers and heartwarming locals and feel at home with communal meals.

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Seasonal Highlights

Witness one of the most important leatherback nesting beaches in the world.


Accomodation during the 2023 nesting season is filling up fast!

Agami Heron 8 - Photo Credit. Juan José Pucci (1).jpg

On the beach you may encounter a larger-than-life, 800-pound female leatherback sea turtle, or a nest of tiny hatchlings ready to take on the open sea. You'll tag along with research assistants from all over the world as they collect the data that contributes to preserving vulnerable sea turtle species.


Back in the tropical forest, knowledgeable staff will guide you along jungle trails where you'll observe and learn about some of Costa Rica's iconic wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, tropical birds, and eye-catching lizards. The rare and beautiful agami heron also nests seasonally in a small lagoon within The Reserve, the only known nesting colony in Central America, and one of only a few accessible nesting sites in the world.

Visit one of the only accessible nesting colonies for this rare, elusive beauty.


Our limited accommodation fills up quickly. Book now for big adventures in 2023!

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