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Repair & Rebuild Casa Grande

Pacuare Reserve hosts visitors from across the globe. Travelers in search of an authentic natural experience – and a chance to be immersed in Costa Rica's culture and wildlife – find a unique respite here, nestled between the coastline and the tropical forest. They cherish the opportunity to play an active role in the research and conservation efforts that take place at the Reserve and to be immersed in the vibrancy of coastal living from the relaxing accommodations of Casa Grande.

The untamed wilderness that makes Pacuare Reserve a unique and unrivaled place to visit exists under the very conditions that make operating a world-class refuge a challenge to maintain. Visitors and volunteers are essential to the annual operations of the Reserve, and thankfully, we've returned to pre-COVID levels of interest and availability of visitation. The last two years, however, have taken a toll on the grounds and Pacuare Reserve's accommodations are in dire need of renovation. What began as routine upgrades turned quickly and unexpectedly into a major renovation. In order to complete the significant repairs in time to receive the guests excitedly planning to contribute to Pacuare Reserve in 2023, we need your help!


Donate Today to Rebuild Casa Grande


Supports the transfer of materials to the remote Reserve


Ensures the needed personnel for repairs


Purchase the construction materals needed for the renovation


Provides the tools and fuel to support construction


Contributes to essential facilities in the agami room

Any Amount

Your gift, in any amount, is greatly appreciated

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