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Donating is not just giving, it is being part of something bigger than yourself

At the heart of every conservation effort is a community of passionate people working together for a common purpose: to protect our natural world. For those who donate to Pacuare Reserve  through Ecology Project International (EPI), giving is not only a way to support conservation projects, but also a way to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Donations, whether of money or time, allow people to participate in the protection of unique ecosystems and the study of endangered species. Through their contributions, donors become essential partners in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

The 2024 turtle season is full speed ahead in Pacuare Reserve. Photo: Batsú Estudio

Donations that make a difference

Donations allow the Pacuare Reserve to acquire research equipment, hire trained personnel, purchase quality materials to guarantee successful long-term conservation processes, and provide optimal conditions to receive volunteers, researchers, students, teachers, and visitors who are an active part of the monitoring and conservation projects. In 2024, the Pacuare Reserve will celebrate 35 years of uninterrupted work in conservation, research and environmental education.

For example, the construction of sea turtle nesting hatcheries has been possible thanks to the resources provided by donors and many hours of volunteer work. These hatcheries significantly increase the hatching success of baby turtles, contributing to the survival of these endangered species.

Moving turtle nests to the hatchery greatly increases their hatching success. Photo: Batsú Estudio

Every Egg Matters: protecting the Reserve in times of crisis

During the 2020 pandemic, Pacuare Reserve faced significant challenges due to border closures and the disruption of travel and visitation. In response, we launched the Every Egg Matters campaign to ensure the continuity of our conservation activities at such a difficult time.

Every Egg Matters campaign banner

The campaign sought donations from individuals and organizations to keep the Reserve afloat. Thanks to these donations, we were able to support a group of committed volunteers who extended their stay at the Reserve beyond what was planned. These volunteers were essential as they walked the beach, collected data, and protected turtle eggs and nests


Crowdfunding also allowed people from different parts of the world, including those who had previously visited Pacuare, to contribute to the protection of the species at a time when research projects faced great challenges. Thanks to these contributions, we were able to move forward with our conservation work.

Beyond soliciting funds: building relationships

Melissa Segura, part of the Development department, which handles EPI's fundraising, explains that "fundraising allows us to tell the Reserve's success story through the support of individuals and organizations. We can tell one person that their contribution, no matter how small, is going to have an impact."

For fundraisers, connecting with donors is essential. It's not about convincing someone to donate to a project they don't believe in, but about understanding what they are passionate about in our work and explaining how they can contribute to its continuity.

"I'm a biologist, I've done a lot of field work and knowledge in the field taught me more than books. And seeing that EPI connects young people to nature and science, I knew that EPI is the real deal, so I fundraise for what I believe in," shares Meaghan Loos-Becht, part of the Development team.

Sustainability and commitment

The Pacuare Reserve's success is due to its sustainability and commitment to conservation. With 35 years of history, the Reserve has gone from having more than 90% illegal looting to less than 1%, demonstrating the positive impact of its work. The team works tirelessly to protect the Reserve's unique species, such as the agami heron and the country's most important leatherback nesting beach.

Environmental education is a pillar of the Pacuare Reserve's conservation work.


How to help?

Whether through financial donations, volunteering time or even buying products from the store, every action counts. Donations can be made through our website here. Those in Costa Rica can also donate through BAC Credomatic's Yo me uno platform.

If you would like to visit us as an ecotourist or volunteer, please contact us at

You can also purchase from our online store, or donate equipment through our Amazon Wish List.

Supporting Pacuare Reserve is to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and environmental education, ensuring a more sustainable future for generations to come.


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