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Pacuare Reserve joins 'Stop Animal Selfies' campaign to protect wildlife

In the age of social media and instantaneity, photography and video have become an essential part of our lives. However, when it comes to capturing moments with wildlife, it is crucial to remember that our interaction with these animals must be careful and respectful.

At Pacuare Reserve we work to maintain an ethical and scientific balance in our biodiversity-related activities, ranging from research and environmental education to ecotourism, which is why we have joined the national "Stop Animal Selfies" campaign to continue promoting a responsible approach to wildlife.

"From an ethical standpoint, it is critical to avoid over-manipulation of wildlife species. This means that when interacting with wildlife, we must follow protocols that minimize stress and impact on the animals," explains Claudio Quesada, Research and Conservation Coordinator at Pacuare Reserve.

The Reserve is a biodiversity research center where scientific information is generated through various monitoring activities. In these processes, we involve visitors in collecting data in a responsible manner, following strict protocols designed to guarantee the integrity of the species.

Wildlife handling in Pacuare Reserve is done following research protocols.

One of the problematic practices that often occurs in many places where wildlife inhabit is the taking of photographs and videos with wild animals that involve improper handling, such as grabbing the animal or getting too close. In addition, feeding animals to attract them can drastically alter their natural diets. This improper interaction can also lead to animals losing their natural fear of humans, making them vulnerable to hunting.

To strengthen our mission to promote a more responsible approach to wildlife, Pacuare Reserve has joined the "Stop Animal Selfies" campaign. This initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), along with non-governmental organizations and private companies in the tourism sector, seeks to eliminate cruel or inappropriate selfies with wild animals and raise awareness about the risks and negative effects of these practices.

"Our goal as part of this campaign is to teach people that there is another way to connect with nature, a way that respects the space, behavior and habits of the species," explained Esteban Lobo, Coordinator of Reservations and Community Outreach of the Pacuare Reserve.

Recommendations from the Stop Animal Selfies Campaign when interacting with wildlife

To promote the campaign and the theme of responsible interaction with wildlife, we are integrating educational messages into all of our activities. We have also developed a policy for taking photographs and videos in the Reserve that puts the well-being of the species first. Pacuare Reserve is committed to the preservation of biodiversity and hopes that all of our visitors share this commitment while enjoying the beauty of nature.


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